Thoughts from a female psychopath


The original text can be found on the blog “Dating a psychopath”
This is the personal thoughts from someone believing that she is a psychopaths. This is not a diagnostic case, so the owner of this blog can not guarantee this represent the whole truth. 

From the blog:

I thought that I would raise this as a separate post. I know that a lot of male victims of female sociopaths also read this site. I received this comment today on the post of ‘female sociopath’. I thought I would share it here as a post.

Hi Positivegirl, great article.

I myself am a female sociopath and saw a lot of truth in your words but a lot of what you say does not apply to me personally. I will agree that when the game is on the woman has it easier but when society clicks on it is a lot more difficult to get around the problem because it is all the more shocking when it is a woman. People are a lot less forgiving of us when we do get caught.

I have no interest in finding a man to take care of me and give me money, I can do these things for myself whilst giving the impression that I am a moral person that is not a user. I find going to work so much easier than the housewife role, I detest being in that situation.

I will sheepishly look at the floor if anyone asks about the relationship to manipulate people into thinking I am a victim whist at the same time refusing to accept if someone tries to buy me a drink. My favorite impimageession to give is strong woman, confused.

What I look for in a man is excitement and adoration. I like them to be like lapdogs. I want to destroy all aspects of their life so that I am all that’s left and the centre of their world.

I don’t like them leading their own lives. I will engineer situations until I am entirely in control and then spend all of my time paranoid that they will tell someone that can see me for who I really am.

I am violent and volatile, but only behind closed doors. I enjoy watching men cry because they do not understand what is happening. I like watching them flinch if a good looking woman comes on the tely and smile all the more if they know I would do her too. I do have a very high sex drive but hide it well from society because, again, I want to give an impression of being normal.

I am a sexual predator. I am guilty of drugging men that act as if they might say no and pressuring them… I don’t like taking no for an answer. I love it all the more if they are unexperienced and I can be the teacher. Nerds are the best, always grateful for taking their virginity and oblivious to what’s going on. Don’t get me wrong, dangerous men are my favorite thrill, I love when they think they are in control.

I like women too but am just a little too afraid of that female intuition that would get in the way of my plans. I have seen the film Monster (good to watch if you are interested in female sociopaths) and know that could have been me if I had just a little less fear of the law.

I cannot bear responsibilities. Outside of the house I will conform and do a good job at my employment but it is just for impression management. I detest housework, children, compromise… All the things that are expected from a good little woman.

The funny thing is women are always telling me that they wish their son would get a nice good girl like me and even try to set me up with them. It might be my big blue eyes and long lashes.

I imageam a home wrecker. If a woman sees me for what I am or is a threat in anyway I will make it my plan to sleep with her husband. Even a small offence like getting too close to me or wanting to spend time with me can have repercussions if it is not what I want.

I do not regret many of the things I have done but I regret that I am this way. I envy your empathy. I would give up all of my thrills to be the sort of person that can relax with no mask. I am just a shell. >>>>>> A shell with a pretty exterior and no chance of ever changing. <<<<<< Thank you for the break from pretense, and guys, I hope this helps you to ruin the plans of my fellow female socios.

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