00bb5365b7577a5844a1cc87de3f97f2We are many people on the earth. A lot of us will at some point in time, experience a negative event that bring forwards feelings of loneliness, sorrow, despair, anger and fear. Bad feelings are as normal for humans as breathing. If we didn`t have pain, we would never feel how good the relief from it was. If we never missed anyone, we would never feel the intense joy of seeing them again. A world without feelings is like food without taste. We need it. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported in 2001 that about 450 million people worldwide suffer from some form of mental disorder or brain condition, and that one in four people meet criteria at some point in their life.[2][3][4] That means that its almost ABNORMAL to not suffer at some point.

Sometimes, though, these feeling might continue for long. Sadness turns to depression and anger to bitterness that keeps us from enjoying the good things. When this happens to such a degree that suffering spreads to yourself or those around you, we start to call it a “problem”. If you don`t go to work, you might miss opportunities for feeling proud, and develop self-doubt or shame instead. If this goes on for too long, it can affect our ability to make the most of our time. Sometimes it even goes so far, that people feel life is just not worth living, and they choose to take their precious life.

There are so many stories out there. Personally I think the more we know about how others feel and think, the easier and more meaningful life becomes. That doesn`t mean that one has to feel the same degree of suffering oneself, it just means that we can learn from it: Time is precious, and good moments should be handled like diamonds that need the best care. 

Therefore, this page will share some of the struggles every one of us can find themselves in. We will try to pick stories that might inspire people or help us to understand others. This might be people who have lived with depression, personality problems, experienced grief or who simply have some message to the world. If YOU want to share anything, feel free to contact us at our email (forfreepsychology@gmail.com). 

Every human and every story has its own value, so let us truly appreciate it

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