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A girl working in an emergency ward, with knowledge about CBT/DBT, eating disorders, children/familes and bipolar disorder.

Presenting our new contributor



We have so far gotten about 5-6 guest bloggers who publish posts for us sometimes. The blog owner is very thankful for this, and am now happy to introduce another guest-blogger who works with a lot of different patients groups.

She is an emergency room togethersocial worker (LMSW) with a background in child protective services, eating disorder studies, bipolar studies, and CBT/DBT.

About Hayleybug

You don’t often get a do-over in life.  This time I’m following a dream.  I’m following my gut.  And I’m gonna love every minute of it.

Join me and Elliot as we chase our dreams (and more often our tails) in the great state of New York.  This Bug is finally where she’s supposed to be.  🙂