We (therapists/chosen contributors without professional background) have a goal we will try to accomplish several ways: Sharing psychological knowledge that might help inform and help the readers of this page. We need feedback from you to write posts YOU enjoy and find interesting, and will try to publish high quality information of various topics. If you like writing, and have something to share when it comes to psychology, some people will get the possibility to publish on this blog. The more people we are (with the same goal) the stronger this “community” will become, and hopefully we can help more and more people stand up and fight for a life that will become meaningful for them.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

We are building our sites at twitter, facebook and google +

You can contact us on: forfreepsychology@gmail.com

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      • Pretty much the first 5. I run my own blog which has a lot to do with mental health and suffer from more than 1 diagnosis and many symptoms but not enough criteria for other diagnosis. I find many blogs focus on one thing: depression, trauma, personality disorders, etc. I personally think many of them are related and am interested in information in many different domains.

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