Metaphors in psychotherapy

Metaphors in psychotherapy

Good Friday to everyone! Are you ready for the weekend? IMAG0458

I have had a good day at work, with interesting meetings and memorable conversations. I have also had some time to read a bit, and came across two interesting metaphors. In addition, a doctor I work together with, also pulled a metaphor up his sleeve, and when I came down to my office, I had to write them all down. Then I got the idea? Wouldn`t it be great with a book full of metaphors (it probably exists already, but an update is always welcome) ? And then I started to wonder:

Do you have metaphors fitting for life in general and for psychotherapy?


Life is like a camera


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  1. Not sure how to contact you, since I’m quite new to wordpress, but I am writing about mental health myself as well. I have a blog called Deaf Tourettes ( ), right now I’m just talking about becoming Deaf and having Tourettes. But in the future I also want to blog about my mental health (paranoid personality disorder in particular). I was wondering if I could make a guestblog about this. Just a suggestion 🙂 Hope to hear from you!

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