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The benefits of psychoanalysis endure…



“Other therapies target specific symptoms,” Shedler says, “whereas psychodynamic therapy focuses on the whole person. Yet it alleviates symptoms just as effectively. It aims to accomplish much more because most of the time, emotional suffering is not an encapsulated ‘disorder’ but is woven into the fabric of the person’s life.”  See link below




Erroneous Depictions of Schizophrenia in the Media


Very good post that breaks down the errors from the media attributed to those living with schizophrenia.

Under the (Bipolar) Covers

Every psychiatry site and mental illness blog has acknowledged the colossal stigma surrounding mental illness. However, it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of this stigma. Obviously, news media reporting on violent crimes, and insinuating that mentally ill people frequently become violent, contributes. Entertainment media is another source of misinformation, especially pertaining to schizophrenia.

Until Silver Linings Playbook, the people I know in my generation tended to consider A Beautiful Mind and The Soloist as their chief interpretations of mental illness. They had not been sufficiently educated about mental illnesses. Our health classes did not cover the subject, nor did biology class. Because of this, most of my friends think of all schizophrenic people as homicidal maniacs or uncontrollable homeless people, both of which are incorrect (though low socioeconomic standing is somewhat commonplace in schizophrenia). I am including information from a fascinating survey on the subject:

“Objective: Critics of entertainment media…

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