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Permission to be an introvert


An essay I wrote why it’s okay to be an introvert. I wrote it because I felt so misunderstood as an introvert and thought there was something wrong with me and needed to change. The more I researched it, the more I learnt it’s okay to be an introvert and the world needs them.



ImageThose that tend toward introversion – often confused with shy individuals – face a number of difficulties (or challenges) each day.  Many can circumvent the issues, sometimes more easily than other times.  The following article addresses some of the more important considerations, especially as psychiatric entities attempt to pathologize introversion, shyness…One can certainly be pleased that this topic is being talked about more openly now…in the news, in professional journals…




Shyness – fascinating essay on this topic – that will make a connection with many that remain concerned about their place in our world...

The essay also touches on the psychological community’s need to pathologize – rather than forming an understanding of others…. (See also Joe Moran’s blog –http://joemoransblog.blogspot.com/ )