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Love As A State Of Being And Healing

Love As A State Of Being And Healing

The philosophy of Dharma is a beautiful one; one that describes a grasp of Love for all beings, in whatever form they take in the world. That Love is not conditional, that it does not come with guarantees and that promise to pay is not a part of the Great Love. But Love can become a parody, as well. For instance, I Love Stephen and allways will, but I do not Love every one, but nor do I hate, nor would I wish upon anyone any harm or ill well, nor would I deny someone a hand should they ask. The reason being for that philosophy is that most people are not willing/able to accept Love, and it would be a kind of idiot compassion to project Great Love to someone who would reject or become scared by it, as you can place yourself in a vicious circle of victim consciousness (see videos below). To other people, I can become an instrument to be used and then discarded (as they view all other people).  It is possible to live amicably in the world without loving on all planes of consciousness in the world. It is possible to be kind without loving all of humanity. I do not love all of humanity, yet I do not hate them, because not all humans can accept Love or feel that they are deserving of Love. Would that humanity were different, that we could all be as Powder speaks, and yet, we (as a whole) are not. At least, not at this time.

San Francisco Sessions 2001 *Would I speak to someone who hated me, who wanted to harm me? No, that would be idiot compassion. Would I help someone who was only manipulating me? No, that would be idiot compassion. These are lessons that I have learnt. I do not hate humanity either. I used to. I used to be very misanthropic and self-deprecating, but I have let that go. There is no one to blame, in order to do so; I would have to blame us all. There is no great monster upon whose shoulders stones can be cast….so, hatred is not necessary. But neither can every one alive be trusted or Loved fully. Does that mean it is not possible to live fully in the world, no I do not think so. I think were I to make believe that everyone loves everyone totally and completely and unconditionally or that Love can be on all planes of consciousness/existence would make it so that I could not live fully in the world. Love to me, is like a deep friendship, a bond that cannot be broken save by those in the friendship. On this matter, I agree with Alan Watts and the others. I just do not punish those whom I do not love, because I do not think punishment is a very good learning tool. But I do think to love all of humanity in its current state is a parody of love.

It is possible to engage and to achieve Dharma without that kind of depth of Love for all of humankind, because understanding, honoring, and accepting are a great part of living fully. It is possible to be kind without it being known to the party receiving that kindness, it is possible to be kind without love. Kindness comes from understanding/ comprehension/perception as well

freedLiberation will come, but will it come from Love? I do not know. Liberation arises out of kindness, empathy, sympathy, compassion, understanding, comprehension, acceptance, help, generosity, example, sharing, caring, etc. as well as a Love (on a higher plane of consciousness). This is what I have learnt, what I see in the world. I hope humans one day in some time will be All Love. I hope I am around in some form to witness. In the meantime, I ride the wave and see what I can see, and explore, and embark upon adventures, and find pleasure in finding these things out…following scents on the wind.

Yes, I am speaking of Love in its profound sense, rather than its sentimental/emotional sense. Love can be expressed emotionally, yes, but I do not see it as an emotion. I see Love as a state of being, same as many of the states of being usually attributed to “mere” emotion. I see emotions as much more complex than feeling sad or angry (the idea that sadness is expressed with tears or that anger is expressed with loud voices). Emotions are far more subtle, and are included in the state of being known as Love. I think it is why sometimes when we are happy we may cry, or we can be extremely calm and quiet when we are angry, or we can be even more kind when we hate. Emotions are not so black and white. So, I speak of Love from the state of being (the profound sense). In this way, although it is a parody of Love to speak to all people we encounter with Love (i.e., would you tell the person you just met in the café and had a wonderful conversation that you love them? Yet you may do this to the person with whom you are most intimate, your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/significant other, yes? You would not hesitate to spontaneously say to that person “I Love you” should they do something that you find yourself suddenly filled with the compulsion to say so? But you would not do this with the “stranger” seated next to you, even though they may do something as profound? This is what I mean in the difference between love as a parody and Love on a different plane). So, it is possible to have the heart open all the time (or as much as possible) to have Love, and yet, not project in this realm, where it is parodied.

the golden dream*Image Credits (all work used with permission through CC license)–
“freed” by new 1lluminati
“San Francisco Sessions 2001 *” by Wolfgang Sterneck
“the golden dream” by AlicePopkorn


The Birth of Forgiveness

Promise of Forgiveness

Promise of Forgiveness

We can all relate to being hurt. Life poses many challenges along with its splendor and joy and one of the most difficult things humans have to deal with, is pain and suffering. There is pain and suffering associated with the loss of someone close to us either through death, abandonment, divorce, or even natural events such as when people we care about move away. There is pain when people argue and have disagreements.

Many times, our feelings get the best of us and people say or do things that hurt each other. And, as the lyric in the song goes, ‘you always hurt the ones you love.’ Maybe not always , but pretty often the people we tend to let our guard down around are the people closest to us, so it is very likely that they will be the ones that get hurt the most when we lose our temper and lash out.

There are a few common responses to pain and suffering. Sadness is one of them. Sometimes, when people are hurt, they just feel very sad, have a good cry if they are emotionally free enough to do so, feel better because they let the sadness out, and move on. But not too many of us are that stable emotionally all the time. For some of us, having to deal with pain and suffering brings up fear. We are actually afraid to feel the pain and the hurt, and emotionally bypass the true feelings, shifting quickly into fear. Anger is another feeling that is triggered by pain and suffering. It is fairly common for people to become angry very quickly when they feel hurt. The desire to get even and cause someone else pain is very strong in many people and a very common reaction to the pain and suffering they themselves, feel.

Why Forgive

And all of these negative, dark feelings have been proven to do some pretty extensive damage, not only to anybody we lash out at in our attempts to unload our own negative feelings, but even more so, it damages us! By holding onto these negative emotions, you can bring anger and bitterness into all your relationships and future experiences. The more we hold onto the negative feelings, the more power they have over us and we become wrapped up in them and we cannot enjoy the present. Some people get so consumed by these feelings, they become depressed or anxious and even lose their real purpose and connection to life.

Healing of Forgiveness

Healing of Forgiveness

Enter forgiveness, the decision to allow resentment and revenge to lessen their hold on us so we can continue to focus on more positive parts of our lives again. Some people are so successful with forgiveness that they can actually develop compassion and empathy for the people that hurt them. Forgiveness is not denying that the other person hurt you. They are still totally responsible for their actions that caused you hurt and pain. Forgiveness doesn’t justify any wrongdoing on their part of minimize how hurtful or wrong their behavior may have been. Do not confuse forgiveness with excusing.

Forgiveness is a healer to the pain and suffering that miraculously helps us move through these difficult times back into focus of where we wish to go.


I’m a licensed clinical social worker and have worked extensively as a counselor with children, adolescents, couples and families. I combine professional experience in the mental health field along with my love of writing to provide insight into real-life experiences and relationships. I hope my down-to-earth approach to living a happier, more meaningful life is easy to understand and just as easy to start implementing right away for positive results!