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A Lesson in Life from a Tennis Player


Some people don’t like Lleyton Hewitt. Call me crazy, but I like him.

For those who don’t know, he’s an Australian tennis player, and I can understand why people wouldn’t like him, but I think he typifies the Aussie spirit.

He’s tenacious, feisty, determined, gritty, and never says die.

He isn’t flashy or showy, he doesn’t have any big weapons, but he fights. He is the battler and the underdog against the players with bigger weapons.  If he has a weapon it’s his mental toughness. But he also has good court sense and good shot selection. Basically, he’s got a good head. Plus he has speed.

I just love that he’s always up for the challenge. He doesn’t back down and always fights to the end. I think everyone could learn from that attitude. To not run from challenges but to face them head on, not because you have to, but because you love to. He enjoys the fight and he has courage.

I love that he also loves Australia and it’s what he’s about. He wants to win for Australia and loves Davis Cup because of his Aussie pride. Loving Australia means he also supports other Aussies and the team, and just as he plays with passion, he’s passionate in his support. There’s the Aussie mateship, and I love the encouragement.

This post was inspired by watching the Davis Cup where Australia was playing Poland in the doubles. Lleyton wasn’t playing but when one of the Aussie players got out of a tight spot with a winning serve, you could hear Lleyton say, “Good serve,” in his intense passionate way from the sidelines. I loved it—his will to win, to see Australia win and for his teammates to get them over the line. That’s some fantastic passion there. It’s fantastic support that comes from passion.

So say what you want about him, but I think we can learn from him. If we were as passionate about something the way he is about tennis and Australia, imagine how dynamic and exciting life would be because we’d be doing what we loved, chasing after it with everything we had. And we’d be supporting others in their passions too. He’s got a great attitude and heart.

I believe sport can teach us so much about life. This was just one example.

Presenting: Our new guest blogger, Juni D.



Thank you, June:D

Thank you, June:D

It is now two months since I started this blog, and since then, the blog has published information about diverse topics related to psychology. I have connected with really wonderful people, and some of them have wanted to contribute with their views on psychology. I am very happy to introduce our newest guest blogger: Juni D. I was so happy when I found her blog, since it was full of well-written post (on a beautiful page) about herself and how she used the metacognitive perspective to live a happy life. Metacognition is basically how we think about our thinking, and a really helpful perspective when talking about mental health. Juni is so alive, which is obvious in her writing. I am really happy to have her with us, and am sure you will, too.


My name is Juni Desireé Hoel.

I’m 27 and live in Melbourne, Australia.

I am a writer, an artist, a scientist, a philosopher, a ballerina and a dog lover.

JuniI am an observant deep thinker preferring to listen, and usually keep my thoughts to myself. People tend to wait with anticipation when they know I’m about to speak because they know they’re going to get something deep, wise, thoughtful or insightful. I may not be witty, opinionated or eloquent, but people make a point of listening to me because they know my words have meaning.

As much as I rarely speak my thoughts, I write them. I fill page after page with my over-active thought life. Like many introverts, I do better with writing than I do with speaking, but my writing stays as hidden as my thoughts.

My main goal with this blog is to diligently follow thoughts wherever they lead, while summoning the courage to share them, and encouraging others to do the same.

I’m always hoping to meet people who can have a deep conversation and can make me see a new perspective. I enjoy connecting with people who are equally challenged by me as I am by them, people who equally learn from me as I learn from them, and people who are equally interested in what I have to say as I am in what they have to say.

Let our minds be open and let our words have substance.

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