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Want to join our new project: Kindness every weekThe task is easy: Try to do one random act of kindness, every week. If you have five minutes to spare, you can do something nice and contribute to a better world.

So, Are you ready for a challenge?

Would you be able to do one kind act to a stranger, every week?

In June 2014 I will randomly choose the winner of a gift card of 100 Euros and other small gifts. I will post what these gifts will be, and people can vote for their favorites.

The rules for participation are simple:

1. It can be every type of kind act, like smiling, giving a gift to someone, writing a nice note or giving a compliment. Only your imagination stops you
2. Write a list of your kind acts (you can post them here, also)
3. The person with most “acts” will have a higher chance of winning. Creativity matters, too.
4. Have fun 🙂 
Tag yourself and write what you have done to help others. More kind acts mean more points and chances to win. You can also email your kind acts to or write a
I will use my own free time to get the money and small surprise gifts, just because I have the money and time. Why not?
Participants so far:

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