One Way and Another: New and Selected Essays by Adam Phillips – review


Rudy Oldeschulte, M.A., J.D., Qualif. Psychoanalysis


“How should we read psychoanalysis? Many of its great theorists – Sigmund Freud, Donald Winnicott, Jacques Lacan – trained as doctors, and their successors tend to follow the rigid formulae of academic papers. However, for Adam Phillips, a practising psychoanalyst who is also a perceptive literary critic, it is “more illuminating” to consider psychoanalysts as poets “rather than failed or aspiring scientists”. “

“This attitude is characteristic of how, since the publication of On Kissing, Tickling and Being Bored 20 years ago, Phillips has distinguished himself from most psychoanalytical writing. He is fond of playfully addressing subjects (freedom, boredom) that he feels his colleagues have neglected, and in a form – the literary essay – far removed from clinical studies. After 17 books, this collection brings together pieces that span Phillips’s career, arranged chronologically, although it excludes his writing on literature.”

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