What we do with our women


5 Minutes Of What The Media Actually Does To Women

What do we do with the women in the society when images of women on the internet are manipulated ? What attitudes do we want to transfer to our children? What kind of people do we want to be?
True fact: Almost 100% of the images you see of models and celebrities are altered.
Aren`t you good enough as you are?
Nina, psychologist

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  1. Eye opening. Not just the fact that this is happening, because I already knew it. But it prompted some thought for me.

    I think parents need to be more aware of this sort of thing and talk to their kids, particularly their girls. Telling them they’re beautiful is not enough. I think it’s a common habit for people to just NOT talk about particular things because it’s too uncomfortable or it’s not ‘that’ important.

    I don’t think the advertising world will change by going at in from an activist standpoint and protesting. They will continue to do what makes them money.

    It needs to start at home with parents bringing up these subjects. Take for an example mom and 10-12 year old daughter paging through a magazine. Mom needs to ask what daughter is thinking when she sees the women in ads. Get her talking and make it comfortable. Then educate her on the fact that it’s not real. Or if daughter is making comments about how beautiful the women are that can also start a conversation.

    I’m not saying to tell your kid to not feel a certain way or force a change of opinion, but to have conversations that can possibly influence her own way of thinking. Plant nuggets, make her think. Show her this video.

    If enough parents do this NOW with their kids, things can change later in the future when these kids are the ones running things…including advertising.

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