Taking depression for a walk (II)



In a previous post I started talking about walking and depression. I’ve mentioned that my therapist’s first treatment recommendation was a 30 minute walk per day. In a world with sophisticated drugs and psychological treatments for depression, can something as simple as walking make a difference? Is it relevant? Let’s find out:


A Harvard Medical School publication on the topic sites a number of interesting findings:

  • A literature review dating as far back as the eighties concludes that exercising regularly can lead to improvements in mood for people with mild to moderate depression, and be a treatment support for severe depression sufferers
  • A 1999 study found that participants who took part in an aerobic exercise program fared as well as participants taking  an antidepressant, and a third group who received both treatments. Interestingly,  the group taking antidepressants only reported the quickest improvement in mood, but participants who continued exercising after…

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