The Psychology of Attention




“Every day we we are bombarded with perceptions, ideas and emotions and what we choose to pay attention to shapes our lives, it makes us who we are.”

Attention is one of the most fascinating and highly researched areas in psychology. Psychologists have found that with training we can perform impressive feats of multitasking, we can divide our visual attention (without moving our eyes) and we are surprisingly effective at picking out just one voice from a multitude.”

Several short pieces, first published in PsyBlog, highlights some fascinating cognitive work and research on attention. See especially the piece on meditation…


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  1. Yes we can do all that, multitask, which we lose 50% of our efficiency.

    The best we can do with attention is place it on this moment, now. That is the most powerful decision we possess.

    Where we place our attention decides our life, worry, doubt and fear or empty of thought and present.

    • I agree…I am not one who thinks much of the idea of multitasking (See Lord Chesterfield’s 18th century comments on this)…However, I’ve become far more inclined toward mindfulness, quiet, meditation…and how we spend our days…our time…Rudy

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