Greatest Fears and Desires


I once heard a quote that our greatest desire is also our greatest fear.

What do yo think? Universally and personally? Do you agree?

What is your greatest fear? Have you searched inside your heart deep enough to find out?

I hear lots of people saying their greatest fear is loneliness or losing loved ones. I can see how they are huge fears, but they’ve never really resonated with me.

I’ve always thought my greatest fears were along the lines of rejection, judgment, and failure.

But If I go even deeper, I think my greatest fear is not doing what I was meant to do on this earth.

And that is my greatest desire – to do what I was made to do. No matter how scary or hard. No matter how many times I may fail.

Of course, I think there are many things we’re all meant to do, but I hope I don’t miss the key ones.

And I believe the things we’re meant to do are for others because I believe we’re here for others. Sure, there’s other things, but if we don’t do anything for others, what’s the point?

Was that deep enough? Haha!

So, what is your greatest fear and what is your greatest desire? Dig deep. Are they the same thing?

And once you face your greatest fear and desire, what are you going to about them?

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  1. I’ve heard this quote before, and I guess I interpret it differently than you do. For instance, your greatest hope — to do what you were meant to do. Your greatest fear — not being able to do that. To me, those are two opposite things — you fear NOT being able to have what you want. Strictly speaking, if you were truly to fear what you want, then you would fear that AS A RESULT OF doing what you were meant to do, something bad might come of it (losing friendships along the way, for example). So, you get what you want, but you lose something else in the process, or cause someone else to lose something.

    One of my greatest fears is losing my ability to communicate — verbally or otherwise. I can’t imagine that I would want that under any circumstances.

    • Totally see that – but I guess I just jump a step.
      Greatest desire – to get what I want.
      Greatest fear – to not get what I want.
      What do I want: to do what I was made to do – regardless of if I want it or not, but because it’s for others.

      Ooh, I would definitely fear losing the ability to write – what a nightmare!

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