The story of the boy with a cold



Last week we looked at some things that helped me recover. This week I’ll list and briefly talk about a few more. But first, a story:

The story of the boy with a cold*

It was the school holidays. It had been raining for days, and Jake had been trapped indoors for all of them. Eventually, running out of ideas to keep him busy, Jake’s mom agreed that he could spend some time outside. “Just be careful not to catch a cold, Jake!” she shouted after him. But it was too late. Jake had his  rain boots on, but no coat or jacket. Who had time for dressing up when you (finally!) had a free pass to get outside? 

Jake ran through the garden, jumping into every puddle he could find. What fun this was! An hour later, smiling and dripping wet, Jake came back in (lured there by the smell…

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