How Poverty Taxes the Brain




“Researchers publishing some groundbreaking findings today in the journal Science have concluded that poverty imposes such a massive cognitive load on the poor that they have little bandwidth left over to do many of the things that might lift them out of poverty – like go to night school, or search for a new job, or even remember to pay bills on time.”  See link below


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  1. Ah, this is so true. I have spoken to people who are in poverty and that is exactly what they say keeps them from lifting themselves from poverty. They are so busy trying to survive in poverty, that they are unable to see or think of any solutions out of poverty. Or if they do see an opportunity or see ways out of poverty, they are unable to carry out the action due to the massive energy dedicated to just getting through another day. Once, you have entered poverty, it becomes a vicious cycle. The governmental programs available offer little to no help either, as the moment that you step above a certain standard, what could otherwise work as a safety net is removed. So, how do you end your poverty? The only people that I have seen lift out of poverty are those who had help from others (whether friends or family or strangers) by forming a cooperation or collaboration.

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