A Headshrinker’s Guide to the Galaxy




“In his work on therapeutic change in psychoanalysis, Neville Symington puts forward the idea that a shift from the old routine to a new way of being requires what he calls an act of freedom.  This kind of freedom means having a mind of one’s own, acting in faith in oneself and one’s good objects, and taking a chance.”  See link below…



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  1. Great article! It illustrates the difference between living and just surviving. I think, today many of us humans are surviving on “analysis paralysis,” we think, but are really in a state of fear and axiety, so end up doing nothing…out of fear. This artice pinpoints that action is necessary to overcome that fear and anxiety and that that action leads to a personal freedom. The freedom to know one’s self, to know one’s abilities and to know one’s efficacy. I think, humans have become alienated out of fear and (unreal) anxiety put there through the ever-present media onslaught.

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