A step beyond ego


Liberated Way

The ego hides a vast web of possibilities in nature.

The nature of ego

Through ego I invent a sense of time, space, boundaries, the idea of me as separate from you.  When the crowd praises the naked king for his new clothes, ego blesses me the ability to say “you are all mad, that is a naked king.” Ego offers me the survival advantage to see and create new patterns that other animals lack. Whereas the cow will either fight or flee the predator, my ego offers me alternative solutions such as feeding the predator an alternative food.

Ego as a tool

Ego is conscious imagination, it perceives the patterns and creates new patterns.  My sense of I is my imagination of I, my empathy of you is my imagination of you.  The tool is only as good as the user.

Ego traps

Ego is easily blinded by delusion…

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