Introducing another mental health advocate


my lifeIt is wonderful to see quality posts coming from our guest bloggers daily. I must especially thank Niko, June, Judith and Rudy for updates on all things psychology related. Also thanks to all our readers, sharing their views, reblogging and spreading knowledge even further. I am grateful and happy because you make me so.

As this would not be enough, I have the pleasure of introducing yet another guest blogger: Jasper. Thank you so much for wanting to contribute and share your personal story and knowledge about depression. He has told me how he want to help others by writing this, and that deserves an applause!

Downboyblog is where I share my journey with depression; the ups and downs of the fight for my life, plus what helped and what didn’t. If you are dealing with depression or just feeling down, or if you know someone who is, please read on and participate. 

Depression is devastating. Writing about it, takes courage and is one of the most important ways to prevent stigma from making it even worse

Some of his posts:


Welcome the world of DOWNBOY

Chasing your tail: A snapshot of RUNNING AWAY INTO A WALL

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  1. Thank you very much. 🙂 Not only do I love to participate on this blog, I also love reading what the other contributors write.

    And a heartfelt welcome to Jasper.

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