Puppy Love



WOW! We actually got a scientific study report in the news that verifies something dog lovers have known for a long time! In a two-year study performed at Emory University in which researchers trained dogs to go into MRI scanners, it has been found that the dogs’ brains show high activity in emotion scans.

In other words, it is now proven scientifically that dogs have feelings! One of the most obvious feelings we see in man’s best friend is love. I doubt that any caring dog owner will disagree with these findings. We have all seen it in our four-legged buddies time and time again.

Maybe that is part of the reason why we consider them man’s best friend. Because even without the scientific proof, we have been able to detect this emotion by living with them on a daily basis.

The head researcher was quoted as saying that “dogs are people” and that this study proves it. Even dog lovers separate that human ability to self-determine where dogs do not possess that ability. Dogs are what we make of them. In other words, if a dog was kept in a home where it did not receive a lot of attention and love and affection, it would most likely not be a friendly, loving animal.

Cody with can 2

They would have the ability to love, but would not become very loving. They could not choose to be loving if they wanted to, it would be entirely based on the way their owners treated them. And that, is where I believe the difference lies.

There was a commercial many years ago in which they focused on how animals and their owners began to look alike after a while. I won’t go that far, but I know that I have had an impact on my pooch’s personality. I know that we have raised our dogs in a loving home and they have not wanted for attention at any point and time. And I believe their personalities reflect that.


So now we have scientific proof that dogs absolutely connect with their human’s on an emotional level. If only we can find a way to get them to talk, I am quite sure it could become quite a dilemma for men or women who don’t! 


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  1. You can read emotion in the faces of dogs. I have seen this, too. Dogs also seem to be able to sense when their (I don’t want to say “owner”, perhaps fellow family member, or member of their pack?) is not feeling well or are stressed or feeling depressed or sick. Of course, dogs can emote, as well as, sense emotions. Cats, on the other hand. . . 😀

      • 😀

        Yes, indeed, cats can show emotion. Something along the lines of: “Hey, you, let’s get this straight for the last time, silly human. I own you. Now pet me. NOW!” LOL I have had cats as pets before, they are as emotive as dogs, just expressed in a different manner.

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