Access to experience life with our true power:… Meditate!!


About Mindfullness/meditation and PTSD. Enjoy:)

C PTSD - A Way Out

As we explore the weaknesses of following the “I”, the ego,
Mindfulness/meditation practice offers the best vehicle to release the ego’s hold on us.
The “I” is not inherently evil or bad, it is sort of childish and selfish to guide our existence. The ego is in constant flux, not unified or does it have our organisms best interests as a goal.
The “I” is shallow, limited and short sided at best. it is not easy to let the draw of the ego or “I” flow on through us. It takes daily practice and discipline to apply mindfulness.
Letting go of judgments, releases the ego’s hold on where our attention focuses. A life changing experience is not a dramatic enough description.
Mind altering differences in happiness, peace and calm flood our consciousness.

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