The Value of Personality Tests


I’m an advocate of the personality test because understanding yourself and others are always a good thing. Knowing your personality can be helpful for many reasons including:

  • You can understand why you do things, what motivates you, how you think and what you value
  • You can identify your strengths and weakness so you can develop both and especially use what your good at
  • You can work to change the things you want to improve
  • You can adapt, manage, develop and use your personality to get the most out of it
  • You can accept it and love it

I’m not about personality being a box people are put in and being something that is restricting. Personality is dynamic and the personality test is simply a tool to know yourself better. It allows you to know what you’ve got so you can work with it.

Knowing about personality also helps you to understand, appreciate and get along with people of different personality types. The first step is being aware that differences exist and the second step is understanding those differences. Conflict can be avoided by understanding how other people see things since we all think differently and value different things.

Get to know and love your personality but remember you are more than your personality, and personality tests will only reveal a part of your personality. Different tests may show you different things about yourself but there will be unique things about you that don’t match the personality profiles. No personality test will be able to describe or explain you completely but their worth comes from the amount they do explain.

Here’s a selection for you to try:

I know not everyone is a fan of personality test but they’ve been very valuable in my life. What do you think of the personality test and which ones do think are most accurate?

Stay tuned for a post about MBTI – the best personality test I’ve found that has helped me so much.


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  2. I’ve always felt indifferent towards the results of personality tests, because I saw them as a weak attempt at illustrating something so complex as is our personality. However, I think you’ve made good points and have persuaded me. There likely is some value to them. Even a simplified overview of our personalities can help us understand and cope with them better. I’ll be taking some these tests later today, and I’m looking forward to more posts on this topic.

    • I totally get the full range of opinions about personality tests. I would say I’m sceptical if it weren’t for me seeing the practical value of them in my life. I just like how the accurate ones can show us how we process information, how we judge and make decisions, all things which we usually just do without thinking so we can lack understanding about them. I don’t think it will be for everyone (and I wonder if that’s a personality thing- could be an interesting experiment), but for the people it does help, it can be invaluable. Hope you get something out of doing the tests, but if not, at least you can say you gave it a go and will be able to counter anyone who tells you to get on it. I do hope everyone benefits from it, but if not, I always say take the good and throw away the rest. And if it ain’t good and doesn’t work for people, don’t give it another thought.

  3. I love the MBTI. I’m an INFJ – it’s pretty accurate. I also get a weird joy out of knowing that INFJ is supposedly the most rare type.

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