Crying for you


How do you look upon your tears?

Note on Sunday night.

by louisey

Working on empathy in lament, in the written-down song of grief that is also weeping aloud. In front of me a videotaped discussion between academics on the lament of Thetis in the Iliad, Thetis the sea goddess who sits on the beach cradling the head of her  son who lies prone on the ground, unmoving, although he is not dead. He will die in battle and both mother and son know this. There are no secrets between them. Not all the love in the world can save  the son, and all the mother can do is to be with him and wait for what must happen, to grieve her  loss even while he lives

ballongShe is mourning him before he dies, the professor says, and his co-facilitator on the video begins to weep, pushing a bunched up tissue under her spectacles and  getting up, apologising for ‘losing it’. Watching her weep for a  mother mourning her  son who is to die, an unbroken continuum of mourning, a deep heart-broken mourning that  has gone on for perhaps five thousand years since this lament was first sung and wept aloud, I too  feel my eyes filling with tears, shared grief spilling over, I reach for a tissue and  pause the video as I dry my eyes.

Continuum, empathy that is echoed and re-experienced unbroken through civilizations, centuries, generations,  the grief of a mother’s loss spilling out everywhere. Grief wild and bitter and unending as the  ocean itself, but contained by song. Unending grief but also shared grief, the gift of empathy. Those who will  weep with us and  wipe our eyes.

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  1. Tears are an essential part of life but it is important to get a closure and try to live life normally. It sounds like easier said than done but is a hard fact that we have to down with a pinch of salt.

    • To Scott Wright.

      I was immidiately impressed by your writing. It`s simple and beautiful at the same time. You are also on the spot, and might actually argue that what you say is one part of life s essence.
      Thank you.
      AND: I am very eager to read more from you. If you want to, feel free to send something to us at 🙂

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