The possibility of the impossible

The possibility of the impossible

Have you experienced that something people thought was impossible, actually was achievable? Some think the impossible, is possible.

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Nina, clinical psychologist


Surround Yourself

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 What would happen if we were surrounded by people who knew we could do anything?

What would happen if we actively surrounded ourselves with people who believe in us, who push us to be better than we think we are, people who don’t know what we’re capable of, but know that it is something strange, and beautiful and amazing?

I have a sign on my wall that reads, “Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams.”

Sometimes we get so bogged down in the every day, we get so bogged down in the past, our past, our families, our co-workers, our worst demons, that we can’t see it. We revert to a moment in childhood, sometimes early adolescence when we stopped believing that we could do anything. For me there was a moment when the dreamy flew away and all I was left with was the dour pragmatist leaning breathing smelly breath into my ear.

It is so much easier to accept that which we are incapable, than it is to believe that we can be brilliant and beautiful, isn’t it?

So tomorrow, I want you to listen really hard when someone has something nice to say to you and completely blow off when a pragmatist gets in your space and whispers nasty nothings.

Sit back and believe, truly believe that anything you want in life can be yours. It may not be easy getting there but it is possible.

I have this thing with my youngest. He likes to try to come up with things that are impossible, “Mommy it is impossible that people can fly.” “Not if they’re wearing a plane.”

His job is to stump me and mine is to prove that most things aren’t impossible. Most times I win because in the end there are so few things that are impossible, we just don’t always have the right tools at hand. Sometimes it takes longer than we want. Sometimes we don’t have the patience.

But none of that makes it impossible. Only less likely due to our own constraints.

To sum up:

  1. Surround yourself with people who believe in you.
  2. Realize that few things are impossible.
  3. Dream big because what have you got to lose.


A concrete example of people who give up because it is considered “impossible”:

During the mid-1990s, cardiologist and researcher David Albert had the idea to develop a handheld device that displays an electrocardiogram. He believed that this would save lives by providing immediate information to patients wherever they were. In those days, even the most powerful handheld computers didn’t have the needed capabilities. So Albert dropped the idea because it was impossible.


Who would have thought that this was possible?  

Or what about this?

can we use the knowledge of “nothing is impossible” to change the world? Some actually think so.


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