Our Darkness Isn’t a Reason to Hide Our Light


You don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to know it all, or have it all together to be loved and accepted. You don’t have to hide your insecurities, your fears, flaws and faults. You don’t have to be strong, in control or confident to be of worth. You are worthy just the way you are. I will not run from you or think less of you if you show me your weaknesses and let me see your dark side. No, as long as you aren’t proud of the darkness and are always wanting the light to take over, I will respect and admire you for being brave enough to be vulnerable and honest. I won’t reject you, because I know the darkness in you is the same darkness in me. We may have different shades of dark but we all have darkness in us.

The darkness isn’t a reason to hide. The darkness doesn’t mean we are dark, but we are aware of a darkness in us. It may come in the form of an anger problem, a greed tendency, a selfish streak, a suicidal past, a criminal record, or any number of other sources of shame and fear. They can make us think no-one can know about them or else people will look down on us. They can make us hide ourselves so we feel we can never be honest or loved. They can make us feel like we have nothing to offer and that we shouldn’t be listened to. But these are lies. We all have something to offer the world; we all have ourselves to offer.

I believe we all have a light and we are all meant to be seen. I believe we all have darkness in us but that isn’t a reason to hide our light. Don’t let your weaknesses stop you from using your strengths. Don’t let your insecurities stop you from being sure of what you do have to offer. Don’t let your darkness grow darker and darker by hiding it for longer and longer. Always hope for and work towards turning your darkness into light. Show both your darkness and your light with humility. Share your light as though it is a gift for someone else. I believe we can all accept each other and what we have to offer even with our darkness. I will accept you with your darkness; I hope you will accept me with mine.

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    • Thank-you. I learnt this lesson largely due to someone I love doing something I was ashamed of. I realized they weren’t the thing that caused them shame-the mistake as you call it-they are a person I can still love.

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  2. A lovely blog Juni. Sometimes we get so muddled up with all this self-help and after a while when you read so much of it you start to see contradictions between different guides. I like this for its simplicity, hope and basic common sense.

    • Thank-you Sophie. I agree it can get muddled with all the self-help around. Thank-you for your kind words – can’t go wrong with common sense. This post is a lesson I learnt, but I still don’t take my own advice sometimes. But I think we should all share the lessons we learn wit others.

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