Obsession and Love


I invite you to take a peek into the life of someone in the grip of a fairly devastating mental disorder, generally considered to be organic in nature (but…that’s not the whole story, as you’ll find out). This fellow has a degree of courage that I find fairly astounding. He’s clearly speaking in front of some kind of support group, which is wonderful, but he tells a personal story that unlike any I’ve heard before. Notice the sudden cessation of symptoms at one point in the story. Think about what that means, why that might be. Definitely thought-provoking.

The range of human variety is astounding. I would hug this fellow just for sharing, if I could. What I CAN do is invite you to listen to him. It doesn’t take long.

Note also – this is actually a poetic utterance, incredibly enough. Poetry, I will assert, is in us all, and sometimes it emerges at the most unexpected moments. It pays to be alert for them.

She was the most beautiful thing I ever got stuck on

The Most Honest And Heartbreaking Reason To Leave Your Front Door Unlocked I’ve Ever Heard

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