ADHD Medication Revisited- Part 1



Are you sure you want to chance those chemicals?

Are you sure you want to chance those chemicals?

There are lots of rumours, lots of gossip going ’round regarding ADHD medication. Some of them, a few at least, are correct. Some of them are worthless and wrong. Some could be dangerous.

The one I hate is the idea that medication is intrinsically wrong. I’ve heard people say that they would never take “chemicals” just because their brain worked differently. This is often followed by a dramatic “involuntary” shudder to indicate the extent of their displeasure with that idea.

I’m a little more open minded, I guess. I like to consider that there is more to this world than just drama and opinions. I do have my own opinions, but I choose to give them as such and accept that they might not fit in with the opinions of others.

But, for what it’s worth …

Lets consider the elemental chemical Oxygen. If you don’t “take” oxygen, your brain will work differently. In fact, you must indulge in this chemical for your brain to work at all.

Okay, kind of simplistic though …

True. That is kind of simplistic. Lets add a different chemical, the elemental chemical Hydrogen. Do you do Hydrogen? I do, I’m addicted. Well, I admit I cut it with Oxygen, that turns it into a liquid I am rather addicted to. It’s called water. If I haven’t gotten my Hydrogen fix my brain is really wonky. I personally consume 3 to 5 litres of this evil chemical concoction on a daily basis. (Don’t start drinking that much all of a sudden, you need to work your way up to that amount gradually)

Well, that’s still foolish, of course we all need water

Quite true, we do. And before you say it, I’ll admit that it is equally true that we don’t need stimulant medications to survive. But the thing I’m pointing out here is that everything we put in our bodies is, in actuality, chemically based. Food, water, the atmosphere we breathe.

Have I mentioned M. vaccae recently?

Mycobacterium vaccae, a bacterium present in soil that you ingest through breathing while working in the garden or walking in the woods or even possibly just lying out on the lawn, acts on the same part of your brain that Prozac acts on. It has been shown to increase serotonin levels and decrease anxiety. It has also been shown to improve learning and performance of activities that require thoughtful presence.

Just like oxygen and water and food and every other thing in this world, living or dead, M. vaccae is comprised of chemicals (not those nasty things again!!!).

But this is natural stuff, right?

So what about taking medication provided by pharmacists? What’s my opinion on that? Find out on the original site of this post

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