The wounded healer


a8db1d5f4f69d39d6daa10192cac4057This is reblogged from another blog, but I found it interesting and inspiring, as many clients I treat, have a great capacity inside, and often want to help others so they don`t suffer like them. I think people like that, can become excellent therapists, if they have come to terms with their own “traumas”. The text can be read under the video, if you want to read some major points

The original source can be found at the end of this post

As someone who works in the field of Psychology, I think that it is so important to find a therapist, counselor, life coach that can really resonate with you. I do not feel that any amount of education compares to life experiences.

Who better to understand and help you through your challenges then someone who has gone through it themselves. There are so many factors to consider when helping people but the most important one is to have compassion. Compassion comes from having to have lived it yourself and then overcoming it. A person could have gone through a similar situation but if they have not healed from it, they have not reached compassion.

I remember a client who was getting over a broken heart. She decided to stay with her sister instead of going back home with her mother where she lived. After a week, the sister could not take the client talking about her broken heart any longer and told her to go back home. She called me at 1 in the morning, hysterical, wanting to know why her sister was so insensitive when she had previously went through her own heart break from her marriage. I explained that although her sister may have been heart broken years ago over her marriage and claimed that she was over it. There were still unresolved issues lingering and she was still not completely healed. And that her situation may have been bringing to the surface some wounds that she thought she laid to rest.

I, on the other hand, know what it is like to struggle to get over a broken heart, so I stayed on the phone for two more hours and let her vent.

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