Still face experiment: 1 minute of agony


Children are so vulnerable. Especially when born into a new world, when thousands of impressions have to be taken in and analyzed. Some things are more important than others, for example figuring out who you shall seek when you need help. Without help you will die, and therefore social processes like recognizing faces, smiling and connecting are very important.

The fact is that caregivers who habitually respond to the needs of the baby before the baby gets distressed, preventing crying, are more likely to have children who are independent than the opposite (e.g., Stein & Newcomb, 1994). Soothing care is best from the outset. Once patterns get established, it’s much harder to change them.

This video shows a baby interacting with his mother, and how strongly the child reacts if the mother doesn`t respond emotionally in her behavior. Not noticing a baby has such an effect, that it can easily be seen after just one minute. It`s tough to look at, but shows how important interaction is!


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  1. A truly frightening video, showing so clearly what neglect does to a toddler. Good thing it stopped after one minute…

    • True. This should be shown to every parent early on, before the children are born! Prevention is the best form of treatment, and knowledge is one way of doing that! Thank you for the comment 🙂

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