This Morning, This chance


Good morning

No matter what you see when you open your eyes: A man snoring happily in his sleep, a roof from 1953, bottles from yesterday, a terrible mess that need to be cleaned up, a stylish expensive room, thin paper walls, or just your dreams lingering on, it is your life. Right now, this is what it consists of. But what you don`t know is how the rest of the day will be. Sure, you might already have planned it, but there is always small rooms were you can wedge in moments of good life. Just think about people you might smile to. And what about the things you can see along the way? The friend you could call, the words you can read ? The ideas you might get? You can also often choose the type of food that will touch your taste buds, before the nerve cells bring the nutritious news to the brain that call forth gusto or disgust? You get up, start doing what you must: Making breakfast, awakening your sleepy children, bringing in the paper, making plans, and for some it will be making sure that you don`t burn the last rice, ignore the beetles on the floor, or to try to not

0cd7a1c44711f5174def5ec9b2b513b1think about past regrets. It can also be looking after your sick child (through the stress it`s still possible to enjoy their wonderful faces) or hoping your mother-in law haven`t made that “special breakfast” again.

No matter what you do, if you take a long or short shower, if you brush your own or someone else`s teeth (or don`t even own a toothbrush), if you must go to work or will spend the day on the beach, if you say hello to noone or the man/women of your dreams you have small choices all the time. You can focus on the delight when warm water from the shower touch your skin. How they touch your skin, or how the dropslook on the imagewall. You can feel how good it is to brush away yesterday`s news, or, if you prefer, brush so hard that the toothbrush looks like a tornado afterwards. You can look at it this way, or that way. Your choice. Your life. And sure, some things are harder to change than others, but that doesn`t mean you can`t drag new air into your lungs, let the smell of fresh coffee enter your nose, think about a pleasant memory or dream about your future. Your thoughts are free.

No matter where you live, the sun will go up, and then go down. Sometimes its cloudy, but it`ll still be there, preparing for a new show, resting its rays on the clouds or just wanting to remind you that there is something you can miss and therefore long for.

So begins this new day, filled with different activities. And if you want, you can make this normal day more special. Like they said on an old computer game:
“What are you waiting for? Christmas?”7460b6c188abd43ea44720ecedd77316



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