Women`s “issues”

English: A map of the world showing countries ...

English: A map of the world showing countries by level of women’s physical security, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Really interesting talk about how language shape society. From the talk: “Men have been erased in the discussion that is centrally is about men abuse women”. This talk is so important, now that the WHO revealed that one in three women experience sexual or physical violence — most likely from their intimate partner. Why do so many adult men abuse young girls and women all over the country and the world?

The report, called the first of its kind, estimates the global toll of such violence on women at 35.6%. In a statement, Dr. Margaret Chan, the director-general of WHO, described it as a “global health problem of epidemic proportions.”

“We need more men who have courage to stand up and say something about this stuff. We live in this world together”.
When factoring in non-partner violence, authors found that 45.6% of females in Africa had experienced abuse. Southeast Asia followed with 40.2%.
Despite such figures, the report authors wrote: “Violence is not inevitable.”
“This new data shows that violence against women is extremely common. We urgently need to invest in prevention to address the underlying causes of this global women’s health problem,” said Charlotte Watts.


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